Hello HTML

Coding as a recipe (a finicky sourdough recipe)

Computers need exact instructions. Code languages are just like a recipe, or set of instructions. If your computer doesn't understand something because of a typo or incorrect use of code, it can't do what you wish. If you do not understand something, you can always ask someone, but computers are less forgiving.

The index page

Websites have a special file for the first page you come to on a site. When you visit or, or any domain at all, you're actually accessing a file named index.html.

This is where we will begin. Our first activity will be to open up a new text file, and save it as an index file. First let's look at the structure of HTML, the markup language we'll be adding to our index file.

HTML structure

HTML defines the structure and content of your webpages. The language contains different elements, each of which tells the browser something about itself. HTML elements have default properties, behaviors and visual styling, and tell users something about the content they contain. Elements are typically comprised of two tags: an opening tag and a closing tag. These tags are like containers for content. They surround the element they describe.

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