Review of Links And Attributes


Links are created by using the anchor element. Although we covered off on two last class, there are a many different kinds of links you can make. For example, you can create an anchor tag that links an external website, a file as part of your project folder, a section of your page, an email address/email client, or make an image an interactable link.

More link examples can be found on the W3 School HTML <a> Tag page


As a refresher, attributes are used to modify and provide additional information about our HTML elements. Previously, we have used the lang attribute (lang) to change the language of our elements, and the reference attribute (href) to create links with the anchor element. Attributes are used in a number of ways and are necessary when adding images (require a src alt, and width/height attributes), they are also used to add style with CSS and interactions with Javascript via ids, and classes - which we will learn more about in this lesson.

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