HTML Part 3 Activity

Now that we have the tools to build a website, let's plan the site yout want to carry forward for the rest of the class. Remember, it is important to first think about what your goal is. What is the point of your website? Secondly, what information does a visitor need in order to understand this goal? Third, you must consider and plan how to organize this information. What is an effective hierarchy of content?

In a document describe a plan for your website. Your plan can include any information you want, but being able to answer the following questions is a great start:

  1. What is the goal of your site?
  2. What information should be presented?
  3. What are the steps required for a visitor/user to experience your content, and what types of elements and interactions should be included?
  4. What are the separate pages of your site you would like to include and what content goes on these pages

In addition to answering these questions for yourself, asking other people helps a lot with this process! Take a few moments to write down your ideas and then discuss it with your TA, Friend, or colleague. When you have a plan, execute it and pull from the elements that we have learned about.

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