Using FTP with Windows File Explorer

You will have a file given to you that has your login information. It has your FTP address, username, password, and your URL. We're going to go through the process of connecting to our FTP servers through the Windows Explorer.

  1. Press the Windows Key + E to open an explorer window
  2. Navigate to the address bar (alt+d in JAWS)in the Explorer window
  3. Enter the FTP address you have in the file we distributed to you. it will be in the format of ftp://name.webworkshop.club
  4. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Put these in the appropriate fields, leave log on anonymously unchecked, and then select the 'Log On' option
  5. Congratulations! You should now have an FTP connection to the remote server. This will appear as a new directory on your computer. in this directory, you should find a few new folders, one of them will have the name of your site, another is called Maildir, and a third is called logs. We will only concern ourselves with the folder that is named the same as your url.
  6. From the folder you have been working on locally, copy all your files (html, css, javascript, images, etc.) and paste them into the folder that has the same name as your URL.
  7. Once the files have copied over, open the web browser of your choice, enter your URL, and you should be able to see your site on the internet!

In the future, you can edit your pages and copy them to your server anytime you like. As log as your computer is connected to a network, your FTP connection should stay active, so you'll only need to log onto it once per session.

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